Jan 5, 2012

Earthrise: It is unimaginably beautiful ...


I don't really know where I got this picture from, but it has been sitting on my Desktop for a long time.

I think this is an absolutely awesome picture. I admit that perspective may be a little bit distorted, but if a picture could ever convey a message, this picture sure does! For me, it conveys a powerful, expansive and a beautiful message.

This one image says so much about us as a species, us humans, about our ambitious ideas, long journeys, successful endeavors, proud achievements and accomplishments.

It also tells a lot about our hunger for knowledge, ability to learn about the unknown and how little we know about our selves and our yet undiscovered universe.

I hope we will keep looking. I hope we will adapt. I hope we never quit!



amira said...

truly amazing picture.
and yes, knowing the unknown -
we should keep trying ... research is important.
discovery is important, questioning the unquestioned is also important.

I also hope we never quit :)

//Sub/Corpus said...

amira ::
Yeah ... nurture the hope that we quit ... :P
Obama may have shut down the NASA space shuttle program in favor other more national projects ...
But its good to know China is picking up America's slack ... :)

Anonymous said...

for me, this picture holds another very powerful force.
the reminding force to be grateful.. grateful not only for what we have but also for what that is about to come as well :)

Maldivian Finance Blog said...

Is that a person I see or I see an Alien?

I think America is doing the right thing about their space program. Just imagine how many mouths they can feed and how many jobs they can create for that kinda money.

//Sub/Corpus said...

silentfingers ::
Grateful we all are ...

Maldivian Finance Blog ::
Yes, that is actually a person ...
Mind blowing ... huh ???

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