Jan 3, 2012

NetworkedBlogs: Syndications errors …


I've been using NetworkedBlogs to syndicate posts on this blog to Facebook and Twitter. I set it up about a year ago I think. It has been working just fine up until last week.

I don't know what went wrong, but I've been receiving syndication failure notification emails from NetworkedBlogs. This happens with almost every other post on this blog. Some posts get through just fine. That makes me think that I've actually not messed up the feed settings and am thinking it could be a something went wrong on their side.

When I visit NetworkedBlogs and go to syndication page, it tells me:
Authentication error blocked publishing recent posts!
This error is resolved now, and future posts will publish as usual. It's listed for reference only. No further action required.
When you change your Facebook password or permissions settings, Facebook may revoke publishing permissions, which causes syndication to stop. Visiting this page renews these permissions, so you're all set. This error message will disappear after the next post gets published successfully.
But surely it didn't get resolved, and my posts are not being published successfully.

Has anyone of you been experiencing this with NetworkedBlogs lately? Did you manage to fix it? If so, please let me know. Thanks.


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