Dec 30, 2011

Before the walls came down ...

This is the entrance to Maafannu ward cemetery.
The walls came down to about halfway earlier this year.
They said our youngsters were using the compound for doing illegal stuff.
And that they were disturbing the dead. And not showing respect.
Well, now that the walls have come down, lets see how that goes.
I'm skeptical, but I do hope it goes better.



amira said...

i think it is a good move. we need a constant reminder of death. not in a negative way. tomb stones has a beauty in itself. we are reminded of beautiful minds that lived and have gone. we are reminded about our eventuality - our death. and that reminder has a calming effect on our wandering minds [i think].
and on top of that, preventing youngsters looking for excitement from jumping over the walls, will be held on check to some extent by the lowered walls. for, there will be more watchful eyes. think positive :)

rookie said...

These youngsters do illegal stuff only on Maafannu Cemetry?

amira said...

go take a look at henveiru cemetry too :)

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