Nov 25, 2011

Sentiments about the concept of liberty ...


Seems America is waking up. This is good. Check out this poem.
In Arlington we lay to rest
our bravest and our very best.
We send our children off to war
defending what we soon ignore. 
“You’re free to worship,” so we say.
“But if you’re muslim, go away.”
Is this what they were dying for:
Intolerance, and nothing more? 
Must one be christian to obtain
the liberties that we proclaim?
These soldiers died for liberty.
They didn’t die for bigotry. 
So look upon this hallowed field,
not only crosses are revealed.
For you’ll see stars and crescents too.
They also sacrificed for you. 
In Arlington we lay to rest
our bravest and our very best.
They knew what they were dying for.
It’s something that we can’t ignore.
Words of a soldier, written by Joe G. A 27-year veteran of Strategic Air Command, United States Armed Forces.

Sad to say that sometimes, the converse it true too!


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amira said...

it's not just maldives that has intolerance.
it is seen in most of the communities
but atleast in most other communities,
people of other religions have prayer places
for all, irrespective of religion.
in maldives, we depend on foreign labour,
our economy is run by them,
and yet, we mock their religion and faith
we deny them their human right -
it really is sad...

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