Oct 17, 2011

Twicca: The best Twitter app on Android ...


What Twitter app do you use on your phone?

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to apps they use on their portable devices. Its quite natural that you've your own set of reasons to use a particular app for doing something on your phones or tablets. There are thousands of apps on the market and they pretty much do the same thing. So, I think, it all boils down to just personal preference. Nothing more.

When I had my Nokia E71, I swore that Gravity was the best twitter client for the Symbian OS. It had its shortcomings but it was the best I ever got to use. I even coughed a bit of my hard earned green to buy it. That must have been the only app I ever bough the whole time I had a Nokia.

Since I got my Google Nexus S in January this year, I've tried almost all popular twitter apps available for Android OS. I've tried the official Twitter app. Tried Seesmic, TweetCaster, TweetDeck and even Plume. I didn't like any of them. Then I stumbled upon Twicca,

Twicca is a full featured twitter client for Android phones. It is highly customizable and has very good plug-in support. I love how I can set color labels to specific people and view most photos in-line. Also, The user interface is beautifully simple, and I kind of like the dark theme. Its nice.

If you have an Android phone, check out Twicca. Its a pretty neat twitter app. I'm sure you'll like it, just give it a go. Its free!



gowithsmile said...

thanks for sharing- going to try out! CHeers

//Sub/Corpus said...

gowithsmile ::
IMHO its Twicca is way better than the official twitter app you use ... :)

Unknown said...

I'm in the same position you were. Coming from a beloved E71 and sighing for Gravity. Right now I'm testing Plume and Ubersocial, but one ex Gravity user told me about Twicca. After reading your review I'll give it a try. Maybe with the right plugins it can be very nice and powerful.

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