Sep 21, 2011

Outlander: A terribly underrated movie ... ?!?


Seen any good movies lately? What are some good movies you've watched recently? Its been ages since I've watched anything recent that was worth blogging about.

I've actually started watching movies that came out few years back. It seems re-watching a movie a few years or even months later can totally change the view you held of a movie. You might end up truly liking a movie that you didn't enjoy before. Its weird, but it does happen sometimes, especially if you watch a decent copy of a movie.

I remember watching Outlander when it came out back in 2008. I didn't think much of it then. Am not saying I hated it, just that I didn't think it was a really good movie then.

I watched it again a few days back, in full HD glory, and it turned out to be a brilliant movie. Kind of makes me think why I didn't like it the first time I watched it. I don't know.

The film begins with a spaceship crashing in to Norway, in the year 709 A.D, the era of Vikings. The lone survivor of the crash, Kainan, is taken prisoner by the Vikings. Soon, mysterious disappearances and brutal deaths take place around the Viking settlement and Kainan, tell them an alien creature called the Moorwen is responsible. Initially and understandably so, the Vikings seem hesitant to believe his story, but soon the intergalactic space traveller join forces with the vicious Viking sword fighters to trap and kill the beast.

The movie sports a great cast. James Caviezel as Kainan the space traveler from a far-off world, Sophia Myles as Freya the daughter of the king and Kainan's love interest. It also stars Jack Huston as Wulfric, the young short-tempered Viking warrior, Ron Perlman as Gunnar, the burly leader of the enemy Viking warriors and John Hurt as Rothgar, the king.

James Caviezel was perfect as spaceman adjusting to Viking way of life and Sophia Myles was beautiful and graceful even as a Viking. I remember she was amazing in Hallam Foe, another movie you might want to check out if you haven't seen it yet.

I don't know why Outlander did so poorly in the box office, but I really liked the movie. I think its a very good movie, and is terribly underrated by most movie critics.

Have you seen Outlander? I would like hear your thoughts in the comments.



Anonymous said...

Hi... haven't seen Outlander but recently i did watch Hannah, The rite, The other guys which for me was quite hilarious, Pirates of the Caribbean which was a huge disappointment. And you did a post on Tintin recently for which i must say that I'm pretty much looking forward to.
By the way i enjoyed the post about Tintin :)

ismail said...

i also watched the movie few years back. it had a good premise but then the plot started getting more and more ridiculous towards the end. also i found caviezel's acting too mawkish. may be i should watch it again.

//Sub/Corpus said...

xyns ::
I watched Hannah ... didnt like it very much ... :(
Haven't got around to watching The Rite yet ... soon I guess ...
Glad that you enjoyed Tintin comics ... :)

//Sub/Corpus said...

Islmail ::
"ridiculous towards" you mean the climactic cave scene ??? I kind of enjoyed that ...
Guess we like different things eh ???

shafi said...

ill take your word for it. downloading the torrent now :):)

Simon said...

I did watch this but cannot remember anything other than the first few minutes for some reason. Maybe I fell asleep. Have to watch this full HD glory as you say.

GEC said...

I have seen this movie about 5-6 times now. SyFy has been repeating it for the past couple of months. I think it is good.I like Jim Caviezel from Person of Interest TV show. Sophia Myles is beautiful. I would have stayed with her too! ;-) It is an action/scifi flick. Not going to win an Academy Award, but an enjoyable movie!

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