Sep 30, 2010

Road work ...

You can see people digging up holes or covering it up almost every day. I wonder if we could do something to change it, not dig up the road like twice a week.
I agree, roadworks are crucial in keeping road users safe. They also improve journeys and motorist experience in the long run. But have we tried do try to strike a good balance between minimal disruption and the need to regularly maintain and improve roads systems? What do you think?

Malé, Maldives.


Thaathi said...

I agree with you. Municipality should do something about this digging. Maybe Veshi Fahi Male' Program will bring a stop to this.

mahudhy said...

coz ppl like you need a internet line everyday. bro what's the meaning of this sign??

//Sub/Corpus said...

mahudhy ::
Interesting observation !!!
Anyways, i don't exactly know what these signs mean ... :(

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